We are growing & making big changes at The Bean! Thebeanlove.com will be down until further notice. Our anticipated relaunch is September 2021! Thank you for your patience during our expansion. Everything you love about The Bean will still be here when we relaunch, plus some really special changes;

What you can Expect:

- The best customer service this industry can offer

- An expanded product selection previously 30,000 now exceeding 500,000 products

- A increased presence on the web & in stores and facilities that offer Sexual wellness services

- Licensed wellness professionals & counselors on staff 24/7 to answer any questions you may have or to offer any suggestions

- Top industry researchers/bloggers/wellness experts providing up to date and current information in a comfortable format delivered directly to your inbox on a weekly basis

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Tatiana & Matt

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The Bean: Positive Love LLC provides the best tools available for a positive, loving relationship, in a comfortable way.

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